16 May 2009

Swanage Canned !

Just a quick note to say the weekend has now been completely canned due to very high wind`s even though there was a faint chance of getting in tomorrow.
Just like to say thanks to those who booked on and for bearing with the to and fro phone calls over the last couple of days.
As nearly all the boats have been called this weekend were going to Vobster tomorrow for a dip if anyone would like to join us.


Tad said...

Thanks Matt sorry you had all the hassles

prometheus said...

Thanks for arranging Matt,at least DD conceded that it wasn't getting any better, still undecided about Vobster.

Matt said...

i think it was that we refused to dive any alteratives that swayed it.
There is a few of us going and i`ve aquired a set of twins to try out.

Jimbob said...

Thanks Matt. Much appreciated.
Hope vobster was good.

Matt said...

just got cheque back can Tad,Chris and Jim send me your addresses and i'll forward the money on.