05 May 2009

Meridian Mutts

Poppy B would like to thank Poppy M and Sizzle (AKA Twizzle) and my human friends, Chris, Sue, Jim, Tad, Niki, Tracey, Ernie & Sheila for a most exhilarating walk yesterday. Also, thanks to Chris for rescuing me from that angry sheep.

Looking forward to our next walk when I hope that Tibor and others will join us.

Poppy B


Simon-T said...

I'm afraid Tibor is grounded. I caught him red pawed, licking the cheese board on the kitchen counter. He is currently sitting on the naughty step reflecting on what drove him to such behavior.

Chris-P said...

It's what he was licking before the cheese board that makes me think I might decline the kind offer of cheese at your next garden party!

Oh and for the record , it wasn't a sheep that I rescued Poppy from ...it was a curly-haired polar bear. I'm lucky to be able to tell the tale!

sheilab said...

Hopefully Tibor will be off the naughty step for the next walk.

You were so brave !

Linda T said...

Doh! I didn't see the blog in time so I didn't even know you'd been until last night! Having said that we probably wouldn't have been able to come Monday as we had people round. But I'd really like to try and join in the next one, if Tibor isn't still in the dog house.