01 May 2009

Meridian Mutts

Poppy would like to know if you are up for a walk on Bank Holiday Monday. She said she would like to do Firle Beacon, down to Charleston Manor (stopping for tea and cakes) then back to the Ram Inn at Firle. She has a cunning plan so that you do not have to climb to the top of the Beacon.

She said she thought about a starting time of 13:30.

If you do not have a dog Poppy will be your guide for a fee of cocktail sausages or a fine cheddar cheese (not the cheap stuff)

Please post a comment if you are interested and I will ring you to finalise the details.


1 comment:

Tracey said...

The other Poppy thinks this is a great idea - especially the bit about cocktail sausage & cheese! Blossom loves the sausage & cheese but not so much the walking bit so she has ordered a royal carriage for the day! Rabbits on guard!!!