27 June 2008

PADI ? .... Non! Petition for Signing!

Many of you will remember Pete & Lyn Foreman, hitherto PADI Instructors of this Parish and now in the South of France. Below is an extract from a message from them regarding a problem I was totally unaware of beforehand!

We have now managed to secure a year round mooring in the south of France just a few hours drive from the mountains, to give us time to organise our winter business. This will free us up more time to sort out the summers, and we can also get a few jobs done to the boat which we need to do if we are to eventually head off east (Greece, Turkey, Croatia are all possibilities), where there are more diving opportunities.
We would like to do some diving here in the south of France, but as you may know, the French will not recognise the PADI qualification, and so it may be difficult for us to teach in France.
PADI are fighting the case to get recognised in France, and have recently e-mailed us with a petition. They want OWSI's to get their students to sign and send to France to say that they want to be able to be taught in France under the PADI system and their open water qualification to be recognised without having to take a further test set by the French.

We would be really grateful if you could get anyone possible to sign it and send it, as it seems really crazy that PADI is recognised almost everywhere, but not in France which is on the doorstep.

Pete and Lyn

Pete & Lyn have sent me copies of the petition for divers & prospective divers to sign. If you would like to have the petition documents sent to you just let me know or add a comment to this post.

Good to hear from you guys, good luck with your cointinuing adventure!



Steve L said...

Sound ridicules. I would be glad to sign. If emailable please send it or if not maybe you could bring one to Loe for me to sign. Bloody frogs!

Tracey said...

I'll sign too - especially as we are looking to dive France next year!!

Tad said...

Sacre Bluer your mother smells of elderberries and your father was a hamster I fart in your general direction you eeeenglish PADI pig dogs

I'll sign

sheilab said...

Good idea Steve. I am sure everyone who is going to Looe will want to sign.
Chris bring enough for everyone.
Sheila & Ernie