20 June 2008

Meridian Divers Meeting ~ Wednesday 25th June

The next MD meeting will be held at the Berwick Inn, Berwick on Wednesday 25th June at 7.30pm. This is your chance to meet Master Videographer and marine heritage film-maker 'Tad' who will be signing copies of the Agenda. The Agenda (circulated by email, let me know if you don't get a copy!) also covers:-

Plans for visit to the T R Thompson by Mr Jack, the relative of one of the merchant seamen who lost his life on the sinking of the vessel.

Plans for forthcoming social & dive events. (Bring your diaries and we'll try to pick dates that you can all make!)



Simon-T said...

Sorry guys, but I can't make it. I'm wondering if any of you good people who are going could lend Linda some kit for the Looe trip, pretty please. I'm going to stop off at Swanage Pier on the way down to give her an introductory dive to UK waters. We are short of an ickle wetsuit, bcd, gloves and hood. If any of you very kind people can help please could you pass them to Chris P and I'll nip over to his house at some point and grab them. If anybody is in need of a 12L cylinder for Looe I will have one with me. Cheers and I hope the evening goes well. We plan to be at Looe 12:00ish, hope to see some/all of you guys there

Tad said...

Hi Simon Got a BCD and maybe some gloves

Simon-T said...

Thanks Tad,
I understand that Chris has now got your bcd and suit. I'll liase with him for a collection. No turning back for Linda now!! Forgot to mention weight belt and weights, doh.