12 June 2008

Argonaut Wreck Dive ~ Saturday 19th July

A local diving opportunity announced on Yorkshire Divers, a max 32m depth with existing Meridian Diver representation (JimBob)! Places still left.

Location : Eastbourne
Date : Sat 19th July 2008 - 10:45 ropes-off
Boat : Sussex
Diving : The Argonaut



dave archer said...

Hi all,

I'm new to the MD site, though a regular on YD. I'm going on this day trip out of Eastbourne too, and can vouch for the Argonaut being a great dive. The stern section especially is upright, proud of the seabed by a good 8-10 metres and has a room you can swim through with old baths in, then drop out the back windows down the rudder :)

Fingers crossed for good weather...


Chris-P said...

Ahoy there Dave! You're making the Argonaut sound a strong possibility for me! (Tad - you up for it?)

Fingers crossed for some good viz too!

Tad said...

Welcome to the wet and wonderful world of Meridian Divers Dave.

If I can secure enough Brownie points I may be up for this as its been on my list of must do's for years

Jimbob said...

I'm not too sure of the depth of this dive. I have a feeling 32M is chart datum and the dive is scheduled for high water. I may be wrong, in fact I hope I am. Please could someone double check.
Would be great to see everyone on it.

Jimbob said...

Oh and other dates as per previous here;
Best to check Mike's website though as some spaces may have gone

Jimbob said...

Sorry it's (I've) clipped the link. It was supposed to point to the MV Sussex spaces post from May 15th

Chris-P said...

Jim, Dive Sussex shows the sea bed depth as 32m. Chart Datum approximates to Lowest Astronomical Tide which is the lowest level that can be predicted to occur under average meteorological conditions and under any combination of astronomical conditions. So 32m would be the shallowet it could be. Diving it on a high will add several meters to this depth (actual number of 'extra metres' to be confirmed). A reality check (for me) would be how much of the wreck is 8-10m proud of the seabed! Oh the simple days of Marina Diving where virtually nothing is deeper than 4m!!

Chris-P said...

My tide tables show that 19th July is a 6.6 metre high tide. I'm not sure but I'm tempted to add 6.6m to 32m to get 38.6m depth (please correct me on this 'cos I have an underlying doubt on the process here!). On a pragmatic note I'll probably not dive on 19th and 22nd July and am now 'on-the-list' for the 22nd due to it being aroject dive!

Chris-P said...

Jim, if nothing else you'll HAVE to do a blog write-up after the dive , the actual max depth is now too much of a mystery not to know the answer!