13 June 2008

T.R.T Relative Dive and Dinner ~ Tues 22nd July

I have booked provisionally booked Channel Diver for the 22nd of July for a TRT dive. Mr Jack and his wife, relatives of Lesley Jack, who died when the TRT sank are joining us for the trip to the wreck and to pay their respects.

At the moment there are 8 spaces for Meridian Divers on the boat, I know that it is mid-week and some of you have trouble booking time-off but there were no weekend slots free with the boat. Also its cheaper for the Jack family to travel down midweek.

If you can't make the dive we are planning an evening meal with the Jacks and it would be great if as many MD'ers as possible could join us for the meal and meet the family. Venue TBC

There will be a charge for the dive of £45 I know it's a lot but this will also help to cover some of the families trip on the boat and will be a great opportunity to bring a family and the TRT together for the first time. It really makes the whole project worthwhile.

Due to the limited space the divers will be booked on a first come basis by adding a comment.
If there is a great demand for this dive I will speak to Steve at Channel Diving to see if any of his contacts can run another boat on the day alongside his.

If you cant make the dive but would like to come to the evening meal please can you add a comment or let me know so I have an idea of numbers.

Divers so far

1. Tad
2. Ernie
3. Chris P
4. Simon
5. Andy TBC
6. S
7. Tim
8. Trez
9 Stuart TBC

Reserve 1.


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