20 May 2007

Titanic's Sister Ship to become Divers' Paradise

Well that's the headline in the Telegraph which goes on to say :-

When it was launched in 1914 it was intended to be superior to its sister ship the Titanic but, two years later, the Britannic lay at the bottom of the Aegean Sea - the victim of a mine laid by a German U-boat. A project is under way to transform it into a subaquatic paradise for divers and a haven for tourists.

Now that going to be quite a project, not least as the wreck lies in 122 metres of sea water ! One to watch closely! More info and pictures on :-



MattC said...

ah chris, perhaps what they mean by "diver's paradise" is "where divers go when they die". a place where every porthole will contain a gurning moray eel, and every access-way, and gold bars strewn about the deck with lift-bags pre-attached. and where bacon butties are lowered down in diving bells, and the sea is made of beer.

I'll get me coat.

Chris-P said...

Can that be really true , Matt? Or are you trying to befuddle and already easily confused old diver?

Jimbob said...

Like this?

Chris-P said...

"Off the coast of Miami, Florida, just East of Key Biscayne, a new and eternal city is rising. Atlantis, the re-creation of the legendary Lost City, will become a timeless celebration for all."
.......Only in America!