20 May 2007

New EU Valve Standards

For those of you who like their air on the oxygen rich side and have dedicated cylinders for this purpose, new standards for valves on cylinders come into force next year for cylinders using 22% 02 and above. There will be a new type of fitting called the M26 valve thread fitting which is similar to a DIN but slightly bigger.

The UK's HSE have fought against this imposition from some eurocrat but alas have lost. This new standard will known as the BS EN144-2003. This system has been used in the rest of europe since 2003.

There is a petition against this which you can access online at http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/SCUBA-valves/#detail if you wish to fight against the euro nanny who feels that divers are not capable of knowing what gas is in their own cylinders.



Chris-P said...

Oh dear oh dear! This doesn't look very helpful , I've added my signature but whilst it looks we like we have our hands on the stable door the horse has already left!
I notice a few familiar names on the last 500 list , some people that we have trained with , the NAS , PADI , good company! Can't see my name on their yet but I'll check back!

If this change becomes law it will cost a LOT to the diving industry and any real benefits are as yet not clear.

Anonymous said...

Presumably there will be adaptors brought out , as there are now for International to DIN etc, presumably this will make money for the dive industry as they supply us lot with more kit.

Chris-P said...

Tis true ...there are already indications on the www that converters are being/have been made. But adding what is, in effect, unneccessary bits of kit does not seem like a good idea. Converters mean more 'O' rings and therefore more potential points of failure. It gives the impression of a standard that will do little to improve safety but may create adverse effects. I can find NO evidence that the HSE have objected to this change. I stand to be corrected though!