16 May 2007

Royal Navy Clearance Divers in Action!

Saturday 30th June & Sunday 1st July

Eastbourne Emergency Services Display , or Eastbourne 999 as it is commonly known ,will have a display from the the RN Clearance Divers.

The Southern Diving Unit 2 (or SDU 2) is the team of RN Clearance Divers based at Horsea Island in Portsmouth. Every Clearance Diver undergoes training in the following fields:
  • Diving in all types of Naval Diving equipment, to depths of 60 metres.
  • Mine Countermeasures ( the clearance of mines at sea).
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal ( Bomb Disposal by sea or land).
  • Underwater engineering and Demolitions.

The Divers of SDU 2 are ready for a bomb disposal callout 24hrs a day, 365 days of the year. They are often sent to the assistance of fishing vessels, which have trawled up mines, bombs or torpedoes. On other occasions the team will deal with unexploded ordnance found on the beach, or found inland. Increasingly, the team will be called to suspicious packages, which may be bombs placed by criminals or terrorists.

In a typical year SDU 2 Divers will attend several hundred EOD incidents.

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