31 May 2007

Littlehampton Dive Trip ~ Sun 15th July

The MD meeting of 3oth May decided to make a day dive trip (two dives, a wreck & a drift) on Sunday 15th July aboard Copperhead II . There are a maximum of eight places. Places will be secured by receipt of payment. First cheques come first served!

Cheques Received:-
1. Chris-P
2. Sheila B
3. Ernie B
4. John D
5. Mandy G
6. Paul G
7. Simon T
8. Jim H
Reserve : Matt W

Update 2/6/07: Trip now fully booked , add a comment if you would like to be a 'reserve'


Simon-T said...

Has anyone dived this one? It comes up on a couple of web-sites as diveable from Littlehampton and looks interesting.

A 5306 ton liner lies in 24 - 26 metres of water. She was launched in 1901 to carry passengers and cargo. She made her last voyage with a cargo of African elephant tusks, cases of wine, marmalade in stone jars, spares for lorries and model T cars, telescopes, binoculars, shells, detonating heads and bombs for aircraft. She was sunk 2nd July 1918 by a German submarine. Lying North - South with bows to the south. Her holds are open and the highest point being the stern about 8 metres off the sandy seabed. Good for souvenirs.

Jimbob said...

I've dived it, was an excellent dive.
The wreck was pretty broken up but there were plenty of bits and bobs to look at. Would be happy to dive it again. Jim

Chris-P said...

Hi Simon, I've dived it , only a couple of times. Last time I dived it two divers were recovering live shells from the sand ....always intersting to see people carrying live and unstable munitions onto your dive boat! Nothing in the Recreational Diving Approved Code of Practice about that one! As Jim says, pretty broken up. I'd prefer something else but am easy (it's been rumoured!). C

Simon-T said...

Fair enough. Do you have a suggestion? I'm a bit sad and like to read up on potential wreck sites before I dive them. Cheers.

Chris-P said...

I fancied the HMS Northcoates dive, this would be a smaller wreck (like the Lancer II) but it is uproght and there is a gun on it accordingto Dive Sussex. But am happy to go with the crowd!