08 May 2007

Help the Ageing

ahoy there all amateur underwater archaeologists.

i am trying to date this piece of water junk found in Malta near the wreck of the Maori. from the corrosion and growth, I reckon it's been there 5-10 years. yay? nay?

so, how long has it been in the water? how much of its wear was suffered at the surface?

the ultimate aim is to identify the make and model (and preferably before all my biker friends find the answer).

Thanks in advance.

PS no reward is offered, but you're free to claim the bike if you're willing to collect it.


Chris-P said...

Easy Matt , just check out the steering head or possibly down tube and you'll find the VIN (vehicl Identification Number) and that will tell you all you need to know , where it was made, make model etc. You DID get the VIN didn't you?

MattC said...

now why didn't I think of that?

oh, and current biker money is on a Yamaha DT175 from the early '80s OR a Honda XL 185.

Chris-P said...

Now , if it was an ol'BSA I might have thought you were diving the Thistlegorm! Now there's a wreck to think about!

Tad said...

looks like a 4 stroke so I would say a Honda XL125

Anonymous said...

It's a Yamaha. DT175. Definitely. I would stake my reputation on it.

Chris-P said...

Hmmmm, pressures on!
Tad says it's a Honda
Anon says it's a Yamaha

Anon has risked his/her reputation but some (not me of course!!) would say Tad is not at risk, can't lose what you haven't got :-)

Place your bets quickly!