13 May 2007

High Wire Act at Bewl Water

The Anthony Nolan Trust & The British Red Cross Aerial Slide 2007

Join the Anthony Nolan Trust and the British Red Cross on this fundraising challenge weekend. Take off from a tower 100 ft above the Bewl Water reservoir and slide 800ft through the air!

No experience necessary, just a head for heights. Enjoy the thrill of a lifetime! A £15 entry fee and your pledge to raise a minimum sponsorship of £100 is all that’s required. Bring the family and make a day of it.

Saturday 30th and Sunday 1st July
Thought this might appeal to some of you , especially after a visit to Bewl Water was discussed at the last meeting . Let me know / post a comment if you are interested.


Diving Diva said...

Deffo interested in a day out at Bewl water, picnic etc will have to watch the high fliers from the ground im affraid....xx

Chris-P said...

Yeah, why not! We'll soon talk you up that aerial slide!

Chris-P said...

Oooops! This clashes with the Eastbourne Emergency Services Display !