04 March 2007

Want to do a 33m dive in a clear warm research pool?

DAN Europe promised to put on a major event this spring - they have just announced the details of a research conference and diving opportunity in Brussells on 7th April 2007 :-


In which you can take a dive in the WORLDS DEEPEST pool :-


Sounds interesting - I'm checking out the details! If you are up for a visit add a comment to the blog , maybe we can make a mini-trip out of it. Good hotel rates for DAN members !


MattC said...

i am definitely up for this. thanks for passing it on. will probably drive through the chunnel with wife and bairn. room for one more, perhaps, but not for dive kit (boo)

Chris-P said...

MattC , Hmmm, might be a possible for me. The hotels rates for DAN members are not too bad! You are not allowd to take your own dive kit into the 33m pool (you can only use your own mask & computer).Can you email me your mobile / contact number?