20 March 2007

Horsea Sunday 25th March

After my dive at Horsea a couple of weeks ago I am off there again on Sunday. More weight for my dry suit and more understanding after a pool dive. Looking to be there at about 11:00. Once again, the more the merrier? I'll ask my buddy there about Swanage. It's all prep. for my first sea dive of the year on 31st March, Indiana wreck. Sounds like the viz can only be better. Oh dear, shouldn't have said that!!!

(Promoted from comment to post obo Simon T)


Tad said...

Hi Simon
Any problems with the Dry suit apart from the weighting?

Simon-T said...

Yep, I forgot most of what you taught me! I put the inflation hose over my shoulder so I couldn't use the auto dump valve properly. Due to the lack of weight I had to swim down to the bottom and stuff stones in my BCD pockets. The dive was uncomfortable to say the least. I'm looking forward to Sunday and doing it right. Cheers.