08 March 2007

Diving Too Deep?

The linked BBC story :-


tells of a diver who went to 40m in the Red Sea, got a bend then found that her insurance didn't cover her emergency treatment.

Worth checking the small print on your insurance ! There are plenty of wreck dives off our coast that are regularly visited by recreational divers and which are over 30m deep.

Some insurance policies will state a max depth, others state a limit equivalent to your level of training . What is the limit for a PADI Advanced Open Water diver ? 30m ! May be worth thinking about the Deep Diver Specialty if you want to get a certification to a max of 4om.


Simon-T said...

One of my dive targets this year is to do this course. Anybody else out there in agreement?

Jimbob said...

I'm up for it.
Got the manual and looking forward to getting the dive schedule.(prod!)

Chris-P said...

Simon, if for no other reasons than those highlighted in the news story , it's worth doing the Deep course!

Simon-T said...

Chris, any chance of getting me the manual for this along with the nitrox stuff? Hopefully you/Tad, Jimbob and I can have a chat about this at the next meeting, possibly, maybe, please!

Chris-P said...

Simon, no probs, I've emailed you.