02 March 2007


I'll use this post to summarise the feedback received regarding the 1/3/07 email that circulated FIVE proposals, I'll update this as feedback arrives:-

Proposal 1 - West Wales
A No longer Available
B No longer Available
C (7): SamB , Chris+, DDiva, Jimbob, SimonT+, Shiela & Ernie,
D No longer available

Proposal 2 - Farne Islands
Not a runner!

Proposal 3- Swanage
Date A (13 expressions of interest)
(Note 7/3/07: Sidewinder is NOT now available for Date A above, but Mary Jo is!)
(Note 14/3/07: Date A is now the target date, cheques are now required, places will be allocated on first-come-first-served basis according to receipt of cheques :-
1. Chris
2. Emily
3. Lou
4. John D
5. Jim H
6. Simon T
7. Sheila B
8. Ernie B
9. Frank M
10.Sam B

Proposal 4 - Southern Eire
Not a runner!

Proposal 5 - Gozo / Malta
A (3): Sheila& Ernie, Chris ,
B (3): Sheila & Ernie, Chris ,
C (9): Emily & Lou, Shiela & Ernie, Chris , Deborah, Josie, Kevin and Rebeca,
D (10): Emily & Lou, Shiela & Ernie, Chris , Simon, Deborah, Josie, Kevin and Rebeca,

Please note that some date options clash with others - any problems that this may lead to will be sorted-out in the next stage of planning ....it's a numbers game!

+ = With a non-diver.

Last updated 21/3/07


scuba-ski said...

Hi, Great to see what you are all planning.
As you know when we leave the ski resort we will be teaching in Ibiza again this summer, and so will not be able to join you on any of your trips.
If anyone facies diving in Ibiza, either as a group or as part of a family holiday, let us know and we can give you prices and help with accommodation etc.
All the best,
Pete and Lyn.

Chris-P said...

Hi Pete & lynn, If you would like to post a few details directly please do or send me a summary and I'll post it for you. In hindsight our planning is already a little late (must do better!) and it's possible by the time we sort out enough numbers that the places will have been booked by others , so always worth having options!