14 December 2009

Wreck Database & UK Hydrographic Service

The wrecksite has signed a license agreement with the UK Hydrographic Office and is now the most comprehensive resource of information about shipwrecks around the coasts of Great Britain and Ireland.

Along with over 40,000 positions reported, it displays these wrecks on 172 true maritime charts. This includes over 25,600 detailed survey reports , derived from the UK Hydrographic Office database.

All of this information is available for a small annual subscription fee of 25 euros: sign up at www.wrecksite.eu


Tad said...

Meridian divers have some of their videos on this site ie trt oceana fortuna

Chris-P said...

Yep, videos & pictures of the TRT ...so have put the link on our project blog.

Tad said...

Thought I had already done that