17 December 2009

Christmas Dinner 2009 ~ Done!

The Meridian Divers' Christmas Dinner was held at the Berwick Inn, Berwick on Wednesday 16th December. The Berwick Inn has been under new management since last April and landlord , Tony, has done a great deal on improving the Inn and creating a very welcoming atmosphere.

The 'traditional' MD pursuits of a Christmas raffle and Photo Competition were honoured. The photo competition was a challenge with over 100 photos taken from the blog over the last year being viewed, well just about anyway! Ernie took pole position with his black tipped reef shark , photo'd in the Caribbean !

After the dinner there was a compered quiz that had been arranged by the Inn and prizes were awarded for the winners, again courtesy of Tony , which we thought was a very friendly gesture.

The cold and dark night made us all think of warmer seas and good viz, lets hope we can get those plans acted upon as 2010 unfolds.


Tad said...

Looks like it was a fun night sorry I couldn't make it

Chris-P said...

Yep Tad , shame you couldn't get down to sunny East Sussex , we had a good time!

sheilab said...

Excellent evening. Thanks to Tracey for organising it.

Chris-P said...

Yes, well done Tracey!