08 December 2009

All you ever didn't want to know about Diving Cylinders

For all info the latest update on the manufacture , inspection & carriage of diving cylinders , click HERE!


Anonymous said...

Don't take your cylinders to Australia even though they are exactly the same as those as we use in the UK and faber, the Austalians will not accept them.
All cylinders here have a heat pressure burst disc incorp into the valve, strange you do not see them in the red sea? must not get very hot there. Also faber cylinders are exported directly to Australia so the markings are very different.
Anyone want a redundant 12 litre cylinder and brand new 3 litre pony, If you can afford the postage their yours.
Cheers Robbo.

Chris-P said...

Struth, another wingeing pomme!:-)
I bet it's bit warm out there now Robbo! But let's face it for a couple of new 'Ozzy Rules' cylinders you get all those box jellyfish and Blue-Ringed Octopus! Now I know why we haven't had a recent dive report from down under!