13 December 2009

Images of a small island

We left London on a cold and rainy November morning and arrived in the Turks & Caicos Islands (T.C.I.) to a very comfortable 28 degrees.

We stayed at the Beaches Resort in Grace Bay. This resort was absolutely fantastic. It had 16 Restaurants from white glove service down to an American Fifties Dinner (yes we ate at all of them).

This was an all inclusive holiday which really was all inclusive.We did not have to spend a penny whilst there. There was even a bar in our room with every alcoholic drink you could think of (shame we don't drink). For those who want to be active there was a fully equipped gym and spa complex. All the water sports were included, hobbie cats, kayaks, water bikes, snorkelling (off shore and boat) and last but not least 2 dives a day with a choice of four dive boats from a very well run dive centre.

Just one of the dive boats we used

As well as five pools there was a large water park for the children

White sand and blue sea. What more could you want?
Below is a selection of the marine life we encountered on our 20 dives.

Goodbye from T.C.I.


Chris-P said...

You just can't get the staff these days ....I've put a 'workimg title' on your post and added the labels ...I don't know! I'm not sure that taking photographs of postcards you bought on holiday is an acceptable competition entry ...but as it's nearly Christmas I suppose we'll accept them! Looks like you had a great time out there ...looking forward to the write-up! ;-)

Chris-P said...

That's better!

Tad said...

Great photos good to sheila back in the water posing for the piccies. Very envious of you two nice one Ernie.

Linda T said...

Oh my goodness, I'm SO envious. It looks fantastic! Will have to have a serious word with Simon. I take it Sheila, that you've well and truly got the diving bug again now? That's really good news. Glad you had such a lovely holiday. What a pity all the booze went to waste though ....