10 December 2009

Halcyon Equipment Workshop ~Saturday 12th December

Halcyon have agreed to put on an equipment workshop at Ocean View this Saturday,they will be bringing along about 6 sets of equipment including single tank systems as well as twin set up's including the new Cinch set up,8.5L cylinders,torches etc etc.
There will be a chance to try these sets out in the pool between 12.00 and 3.00pm they will also be bringing some of their other products for people to look at.
If there is anything that anyone genuinly would like to look at, let Graeme know and he will call them.

If you are interested please call Ocean view on 01903 767224

All welcome and a happy Christmas to you all.


Simon-T said...

Thanks Matt,
I regret I won't be coming along, beacuse I'll only end up buying new shiny stuff! Happy Christmas to all at Ocean View from me and Linda.

Chris-P said...

Thanks for the invite Matt, and a happy Christmas to you and all the OVers! Should get some nice ideas for presents out of that workshop ....oooer shiny things!