04 July 2009

Seazones ~ Sunday 12th July

We will be diving the T R Thompson from Seazones on Sunday 12th July.
Depth approx 34 mtrs.
Return to harbour approx. 19:30
Wreck and drift £32.00 including scones.

Divers booked:
1. Ernie
2. Tad
3. Chris P.
4. Trez
5 Simon
6. Prometheus
7. Gary
8. Terry

Hope everyone is O.K with these arrangements. If not let me know ASAP.


(PS Note Revised Times Posting above).


Simon-T said...

Yoo hoo, I'm back! Looking forward to this. The times look a bit funky though. Are you sure we'll be out on the boat for over seven hours? Bang go all my hard earned brownie points in one go.

prometheus said...

I make the tides to be LW 08:57 and HW14:45, so assuming 2 hrs steaming time to dive site would mean a 06:00 start time for the morning LW slack, which means a "oh my God it's early" start for me.Even if I only do one dive it always seems to take all day.

Tad said...

Hi Chris
check with Ernie we are doing the TRT on High Water followed by a drift hence the later leaving times

prometheus said...

Yep, that's what I thought it would be on the HW slack, just hope the weather plays nice now.Plus I get a lay in.