20 July 2009

Girls Night In Part II

For once the weather could not affect us girls for our second 'Girls Night In'. Unfortunately, I forgot the camera (I could've made a fortune with some of the potential photos!) so you guys will need to use your imagination!'

We were a select few, but with the wine flowing continuously in Trez's, Debbie's & Linda's glasses, tongues loosened & secrets expelled (really must encourage Linda to drink more often!)

After enjoying Linda's culinary talents together with goodies (especially the cheeses!) brought by others, it was time to get wet & have a splash about in the newly refurbished pool.

It was slightly tamer than the last GNI, though Debbie & Trez did things with big balls that I'd never seen before & was unable to emulate despite numerous attempts!

Debbie provided some 'swimming lessons' while Trez & I were looking forward to getting to know my 12 inch man - unfortunately, he was a big disappointment! After our frolicks in the pool, there was just time for dessert before the boys arrived to pick up Linda & Sheila, & Trez & I made our way soberly (well me at least!) home!

Next time, I'll remember the camera!

Thanks again to Debbie (& Parsley) for her hospitality.

1 comment:

Tad said...

shame no pics but never mind
did the 12" man have an eagle eye and talked when you pulled a string on his back