28 July 2009

Wreck Dive : The Indiana ~ Saturday 25th July

Well the weather did not look good but that did not stop O.V. going out on the Buccaneer. I was looking forward to diving a wreck in my home town. The Indiana is one mile south of Worthing Pier, a British steamer 2,266tons she had a cargo of oranges and lemons she went down on the 1st of march 1901. She lies in about 10 metres, it has been dispersed but this was a great dive with loads of marine life, vis was about 3-4 metres. Thanks to all for a great dive.


Chris-P said...

Intrepid divers to be sure! Sean, I'm getting worried - your dive reports are going well beyond "Did another dive"! Keep up the good work!

sheilab said...

Well done Sean. Good to see you got wet. Hope we can get to dive together soon. There are spaces still avilable on 13th August diving the Oceana and watching the Eastbourne dive show.

Tad said...

Good stuff matey glad your back in