31 July 2009

John Liddiard's T R Thompson Photos

A Meridian Diver on the Wreck of the T R Thompson

Copies of John Liddiard's photos of the wreck of the T R Thompson, taken on the MD & TWBSAC dive of 26th July can now be viewed on John's website : http://www.jlunderwater.co.uk/ .

As a quick link to the T R Thompson photos click www.jlunderwater.co.uk/piclib/goto.htm?pic=09_07_26_2338 , the TRT photos are numbered from 2338 onwards. Definately worth a look as John has put captions to all his photos which really helps identify features. John has an expert knowledge when it comes to identification , in one dive he managed to locate features that have taken us considerable time to find!

John is a professional photographer & journalist , his work is subject to copyright. Meridian Divers are grateful to be given permission to reproduce his work here.


Tad said...

you can tell who is the professional my video shots were not successful due to the lack of proper lighting. Really must invest in some UW video lights next year. Thanks John

Chris-P said...

Links sorted ....I hope!