07 February 2009

Take-Up The DIVER Buoyancy Challenge!

Pulled this off DIVERNET for anyone that's interested-sounds like fun!

How good is your underwater buoyancy?

DIVER are looking for Britain's most neutrally buoyant divers, and if you've got what it takes, you could be in line for some tasty prizes and a good day out. You also get to show off your skills in the 6m-deep, 10 x 12m-square tank where underwater sequences for major films. You'll be photographed in there too!

Britain's first DIVER Buoyancy Challenge is organised by Mavericks Diving/Ocean Optics, which is based at the Underwater Studio at Basildon in Essex, and runs diver training and specialist underwater photography and buoyancy clinics there.

The event takes place over the weekend of March 7/8. We expect it to be a lot of fun, but it also has its serious side. The DIVER Buoyancy Challenge experience is free. You will be allocated a time slot, briefed and weight-checked, and then put through an underwater obstacle course of increasing complexity. You may start with a straight midwater stop, fin pivots, hovering and controlled ascents and descents. You will progress to passing through diamonds and tunnels at different levels, perhaps stopping to play underwater 'skittles' or 'darts' before finning through a slalom course, and so on.

It's even possible to generate currents in the tank. The highest-achievers will deserve their accolades. Prizes already confirmed for the highest achievers include a Seaquest Pro QD men's or Pearl women's BC with i3 technology, donated by Mavericks Diving; a Fuji camera and housing from Fuji; an Inon wide-angle lens from Ocean Optics; a day on the Underwater Studio set during a filming project, donated by the studio; a day of personal underwater photography coaching from leading exponent Martin Edge; a place on a Jamie Watts marine biology day; and two Precision Buoyancy Workshop places with Mavericks.

There will be more prizes, too, and the event will provide the basis for a major feature in DIVER later this year, as well as a presentation at the London International Dive Show. We're looking for divers trained by any agency, including commercial, police or military as well as sport divers, and at any level at or above the equivalent of a PADI Open Water/BSAC Ocean Diver. You'll need your own dive-gear.

Join in the fun by calling Steve Warren on 01268 523786, or email mavericks@mavericksdiving.co.uk find out more about Mavericks Diving and Ocean Optics, visit www.mavericksdiving.co.uk and www.oceanoptics.co.uk and for Underwater Studio information go to www.actionunderwaterstudios.com

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