03 February 2009

NAS Intro Course ~ Saturday 28th March

This was put on Ocean views forum by Paul Grinyer who has sorted this one out;

Following the excellent talk give by Tad on the TR Thompson I have been in touch with The NAS to get them to run a course at the club for us. Initially we're proposing to do the Intro Course on the 28th March 2009.

We need a minimum of 10 to run the course and if there are enough people interested then we can run a second course on the Sunday 29th March 2009.

Here are the general details for the course:
An introduction to foreshore and underwater archaeology . This is the entry-level course to the NAS Training Programme and is aimed at introducing nautical archaeology to divers and non-divers, and promoting their interest in the subject. It provides a broad-based view of the subject by covering a wide range of topics.

The objectives of the course are that participants should:
1. Have been introduced to the basic principles and scope of nautical archaeology.

2. Appreciate the importance of our nautical heritage and the need for the recording, protection and preservation of the underwater heritage.

3.Have been given the necessary knowledge to undertake a basic pre-disturbance site survey The emphasis during the practical sessions is on surveying and recording.

In addition, the theory component stresses the need for the conservation and preservation of the underwater cultural heritage. The format involves a one-day course, which is conducted by approved tutors and instructors. Certain parts of the course can be adapted to suit the special requirements of the individual groups taking part.

The minimum diving qualification level for those taking part in the pool exercises is CMAS 1-Star or equivalent, e.g. BSAC Ocean Diver, SAA Open Water Diver, or PADI Open Water. The 'Introductory' course is not examined and participants are provided with a certificate of attendance only.

The course cost will be £60 per person. We need to get an idea of numbers as soon as possible so if you're interested please call Graeme at the shop 01903 767224.

This really should be an excellent and interesting course, particularly to those who are interested in wreck diving and the history of our local wreck sites.


Chris-P said...

An interesting course, several MDers have already done it in the prep for the TRT project. I'd recommend doing it!

Matt said...

Apparently it`s been updated since you guy`s done it so Tad said on his TRT talk.
Look`s like it`ll be a busy weekend as the diveshow is this weekend as well.