23 February 2009

Selsey Lifeboat Station ~ Saturday 25th April

Had to go to Tenerife for a few days last week for bank stuff. I managed to sneak-off for a morning shore dive on the Wednesday. Cuttlefish, octopus, a biiig friendly trumpet fish and lots more.
Great stuff, anyway, it's made me get my diary out to sort out a UK shore dive. Mulberry Divers are doing a marshalled dive re the above, meeting time is 14:30. Anyone care to join me?

1). Simon
2). Chris-P


Chris-P said...

I know what it's like Simon, I had to go to the ATM on the railway station to do my banking!

Yes, an April shore dive sounds the sort of thing I could possibly manage! Sign me up / add me to the list!

Tad said...

At The moment I could be up for this Dry suit dependant

Chris-P said...

Wooos! Just borrow a wet suit!