23 February 2009

Red Sea Shore Based Week ~ November 2009

Just sounding-out at this stage! Drop me an email if you are interested in a week of boat dives in the Red Sea based at a hotel? Possibly Marsa Alam or Taba but other options possible!


Simon-T said...

Not enough brownie points for me I'm afraid. Did the Movenpick in Taba last Sept with the family. Three very nice shore dives, frog fish were the highlight. Matthew and I did one boat day too, best part being a 12m drop and then you go into a "well" of cold, fresh water; plays havoc with your buoyancy! Petra makes a good day out too.

Chris-P said...

Not enough Brownie Points ? You ? I can't believe it!

Yes , we went to Taba in Feb07 (and over to Jordan & Petra) . Taba is supposed to be good for frog fish, although you do have to cook them very gently. I did some boat diving but didn't try the shore dives.

Chris-P said...

Now aiming for TABA!