23 October 2007

Thistlegorm Wreck Closed to Divers for a Month

For those of you who are planning a Red Sea trip between November 15th and December 15th and who wanted to dive the Thistlegorm, you could be out of luck.

According to Diver magazine the world famous wreck will be out of bounds to divers. The reason for this is that permanent mooring buoys are going to placed around the site to prevent further damage to the wreck caused by dive boats mooring to the wreck itself.

Plans are also in place to drill holes on the wreck to allow the bubbles from scuba to escape more easily as air pockets inside the wreck bring about rapid decay.

Also planned is a rethink on how dives to the wreck are going to be briefed and undertaken.

For those of us that have dived the Thistlegorm and who may have unwittingly contributed to the damage, it is great to see that action is now being taken to preserve this amazing wreck for the future.


Source Diver Magazine November edition

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