02 October 2007

Alaunia dive?

Anyone fancy diving the Alaunia and Brodrick from Eastbourne at the end of the month?

27th October 2007 (Sat Meet 10:00 Alaunia 34m + Brodrick 24m)

Boat is the Sussex from Eastbourne Sovereign Harbour.


Tad said...

hi Jim
Woudlove to do it but its my sons Birthday that weekend and i dont think I would be forgiven if i went diving instead.

Jimbob said...

I'm sure he would. Honest!

Tad said...

you have not met my son he makes Kevin and perry look like happy little angels

Jimbob said...

Bring him along, what better Birthday could one ask for than rolling about on a heaving boat watching the heaving divers and making them tea.