19 October 2007

Stoney Cove

I know we have been talking about a Stoney Trip for a while so here are some prospective dates which I have marked in my diary and hopefully you can mark in yours. These are just suggested dates and are midweek due to Stoney being far too busy at weekends. If you have any other dates or preferences such as Vobster quay please add a comment.

Wed -7th Nov
Tue- 13th Nov - Now selected for the trip !
Tue-27th Nov
wed- 28th Nov
Thur- 29th Nov



Chris-P said...

Tad, 13th Nov is about the only possible date for me.

Tad said...

13th looks good for me may get a practice run with the new video camera which I am looking at on wednesday.

Simon-T said...

Now the op on my eyes has been done I have had the all clear for diving. Can't do the 13th, doh! Can do the 27th or 28th though, or wait until the next time. Have a good one chaps.

Tad said...

Hi Simon sorry you cant do the 13th
I might be able to do 27rh or 28th somewhere a bit more local though keep wanting to try Lakeside at thurrock just to see what its like.
Glad the eye is better what was wrong you old winker?

Simon-T said...

I didn't know there was diving there. Do you have web-site details? Could be a go-er for me. I have/had glaucoma so they had to burn a couple of holes in my eyes, ouch!

Tad said...

Simon website is www.lakeside-diving.com

Simon-T said...

Looks good to me Tad. I'm away now until 13th so I'll check this site on 14th and see if you have made any decisions. All the best.