04 October 2007

Meridian Divers Meeting ~ 3rd October 2007

It's probably about time we had a party thrown for us by the Berwick Inn as I'm sure Meridian Divers custom is keeping their accounts in the black! Looking at the size of one diver's dinner may be their profits are so much after all!

The meeting had a show of Gozo Dive Trip images and feedback on the group's last BBQ which after poor weather was transferred to Plompton Green.

Simon took more bookings for the MD Christmas Dinner but the private room we have arranged this year is limited to 36 places so don't hang around in getting your £5 deposits to Simon. Strictly first-come-first-served! A similar principle will apply to the NEMO 33 Brussels Trip next February, luckily one of our number has family in Brussels and we are getting recommendations about suitable accommodation via that route. Other 'out-of-season' activities were discussed and a PADI Equipment Specialty is being made available for Merdian Divers. If interested add a comment / drop me an email.

Simon & Linda were congratulated on completing their Enriched Air Diver Specialty and Simon becomes the first Meridian Divers Master Scuba Diver (MDMSD), well done Simon!

Our Guest Speaker gave us a very thorough briefing on the 'Sink-One-For-Seaford' (SOFS) project and circulated copies of presentations and documents that are being used in support of the project. The project, if implemented, would have a dramatic impact on the local diving infrastructure and facilities. The project has for some months envisaged a new diving centre and with the current port developments in Newhaven that process may be hastened, indeed a the two projects may well go hand in hand. A wide variety of Dive Centres support diving on HMS Scylla and should the SOFS project come to fruition it would be reasonable to assume that the range of local diving services would increase giving divers even more local choice. If the project get's a green light it should bring investment to the area with a concomitant growth in dive boat charter operations, diving centres and of, course, catering and bed and breakfast outfits. With the news that the Coral Cafe is to close we need a purveyor of bacon butties.

A variety of named RN vessels were mentioned as possible artificial reefs, most are named after cities , shame we don't have a HMS Exceptional Visibility to sink ....we could do with some of that!

Meridian Divers were invited to take part in a dive on the Scylla as a sort of prelude to what might be possible in Seaford. If you are interested in such a dive let me know. A number of us have dived the Scylla before.

Full notes of the meeting will be circulated in due course.

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