31 October 2007

Meridian Divers Meeting & HMS Scylla Talk

Nick Murns giving the HMS Scylla presentation.

The Meridian Divers meeting of 31st October was held at the Arlington Village Hall. The Hall was a new venue for one of our meetings and it was chosen to provide more space for our guest speaker, Mr Nick Murns. For five years Nick, who is a Programme Director, was the Project Manager for the sinking of HMS Scylla near Plymouth. Many Meridian Divers have dived the Scylla but were blissfully unaware of the sheer scale and complexity of the project , Nick and colleagues overcame obstacle after obstacle , social, economic, political, environmental, financial and legal to achieve success. It was clearly an awesome task but driven to success by the pure passion for diving of those involved in getting the momentum going. If Nick isn't an expert in local and central government procedures he certainly sounds like he is!

Nick is a keen diver and has travelled around the world , not least to Canada, Australia & New Zealand to dive some of the most famous artificial reefs. Nicks packed presentation included video footage of the sinking of several warships. During the questions and answers both before and after the presentation Nick demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of what issues are likely to be critical to the Sink One For Seaford Project. As a number of those present will be involved in the public meeting on Friday 2nd Novemeber at Seaford I think they will have picked-up plenty of points to think about.

The usual business of the meeting was kept to a minimum to afford the maximum time to the presentation. Notes of the meeting will be circulated in due course.

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