16 July 2007

Stoney Cove anymore takers

for those of you who maybe thinking of joining the trip to Stoney here is a little clip borrowed from You Tube to help you make up your minds

Thanks to the bloke who made it and you tube


Simon-T said...

So I have the same bouyancy skills as a pike.I too can crawl along the bottom and bump into people!

Tad said...

but have you got the teeth

Chris-P said...

Nice video , just don't call me 'Tube' OK!

Simon-T said...

At my age Tad? Only when I remember to put them in!

Off to collect the shirts this lunch-time. I'll get them over to Chris as I can't make the monthly meet. On that note could someone put Linda and I down on the apologies bit of the agenda. Thanks.