16 July 2007

HMS Northcoates & The Waldrons ~ 15th July 2007

Despite "severe weather" warnings eight Meridian Divers trekked down to Littlehampton Marina on Sunday 15th July to meet up with my old work colleague, Sean, Skipper of Copperhead II and chance our fins at spot of West Sussex diving! Well, good call, Sean! As it turned out the sea state was at worse moderate and in the afternoon it was slight with some sunshine to boot! Whatever next, sunshine in July!

Our first dive was on the armed trawler HMS Northcoates, a dive fairly similar to that old favourite 'Lancer II' but Northcoates still has the gun on it and is a little deeper at 30 to 32m. I have to say it was pretty dark down there during the morning there was little sun and the vis was only 'OK'! We wisked back to the Marina for a hot drink and small snack before heading back out to the Waldrons reef off the coast of Bognor Regis for a 15m drift dive. The sun was shining and the lower depth gave a lot more light. All eyes were out for the famous fossilised sharks teeth but only one or two were found, proze for best fossil goes to Simon for a handsome specimen!

Another good dive trip which will set some divers up for more exotic locations , like the Red Sea. That said we know they are UK divers at heart as they have already put their names down for the next Littlehampton trip!

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Simon-T said...

Oi, I'm only forty-nine and kindly leave my specimen out of this!!