04 July 2007

Meridian Divers ~ Pool Session

It is planned to have a pool session on Thursday 19th July 6.30- 8.30 with a view to having regular weekly or bi-weekly sessions. after that.

Costs are being calculated, however, running try dives would help offset the cost of the sessions.

Your support would be welcomed as this is a great resource for the group.



Chris-P said...

Tad, it would be handy to establish the costs for anyone wanting to take a dip! Are you collating names? Would youlike those interested to conatct you or post to the blog ...or both?

Tad said...

post to the blog I think

Simon-T said...

Regret I'm away for the 19th, but would like to do future ones. Just out of interest, where is it?!

Tad said...

Newlands School in Seaford

can supply a map if needed