19 December 2006

PADI Members Forum 2007

The annual PADI members forum will take place at Fairfield Halls, Croydon at :

7pm on Thursday 22nd February 2007.

Now without trying to be all exclusive a lot of people misunderstand the meaning of the word "member" in the context of PADI. Member means 'professional member' ie holding a PADI Pro certification (ie Divemaster or above), that is someone who pays an annual membership to PADI.

Countless thousands of divers will have PADI certification cards and each of those has a "Diver Number" on it , this is NOT the same as a membership number.

Usually a handful of local PADI members attend the Members Forum (free of charge), it usually consists of a hour and half presention with powerpoint and a few quizzes on PADI standards. Attendance at the Forum is recorded and if you ever want to progress to Master Instructor or above your attendance record at these and other events is taken into account! PADI normally 'showcase' any new standards / equipment / courses at these events. They are low key and as no expense is spared PADI even provide tea & coffee!!

If you are interested in going add a comment, I will probably go!

1. Chris
2. Tad
3. Diving Diva

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Tad said...

count me in on this chris