11 December 2006

Group Identity


Some of you may have received this by email but as the group seems to be growing some of you may not.

Me not being the most computer literate person has had a go at designing a potential logo for T shirts etc. As the image is a composite it wouldn't upload so I took a digital photo of it, so sorry if the quality is not that good. This is only an idea. If you decide on a design like this then a better diving helmet logo could probably be found and used.

Please give me your thoughts ideas etc. Once we have all agreed I will check out the printing people for costs etc.

What are peoples preferences Tshirts or polo shirts, what colours and does anything else need to be added?

For the sake of democracy I will go with the largest choice on colours and type, so long as it isnt pink (sorry Sarah)



Chris-P said...

Nice idea Tad! How about making the front wondow of the diving helmet the compass (North & South?)

Tad said...

good idea chris