20 December 2006

Meridian Divers Christmas Dinner ~ 20th Dec 2006

The Meridian Divers Christmas Dinner was well attended with 29 guests at the Berwick Inn.

Two prize draws were held :-

1). A weekend for two at an Eldridge Pope hostelry which was won by Deborah & Alan.

2). The Newhaven Divers Limited prize draw had three prizes:-
First Prize - Two Free RIB dives on board - was won by Debbie M
Second Prize - A Free RIB dive - was won by Alex P
Third Prize
- A bottle of wine - was won by Sue T

An excellent time was had by all and the group arranged a further meeting for 7.30pm Wednesday 1oth January to be held at the Berwick Inn to discuss plans for diving in 2007.

2007 is looking very promising with plans to use a private swimming pool, a PADI Dive Boat and a whole load of committed diving enthusiasts!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic night… Had lots of FUN and really looking forward to some FUN diving in 2007... Alexxx

Tad said...

great night big thanks to Chris P for the organisation once again planned to fine detail. Tad