17 December 2006

For the hardier at Christmas ...

Saw this and thought some of you might be interested!

Spaces Diving over the holiday if this wind ever stops blowing 24th december :-

Ikeda 28m 1130 away 27th december
Pentrych 24m 0900 away 29th december
Ramsgarth 27m 1030 away All inc 2nd dive

Call skipper Paul to book on 07901822375 or email paul@brightondiver.com am on holiday from the 12th to the 20th december if you wish to book on please email or leave a message.

If you wish to book on for the 27th Derek Marshall Is on board and will take names 07703065302

Useful booking site :- http://www.diverforum.co.uk/talkforums/latestoffers/index.shtml

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