10 December 2006

London Festival of Diving.

Last weekend I went up to the London Festival of Diving.

This was a day of talks and workshops arranged by a London BSAC club but was open to anyone

There were stands from The NAS, the MCA, the BSOUP, Cameras underwater, Andark diving, Kent tooling, Xerotherm and some others.

The talks

Tim Ecott, author of the dive book Neutral Buoyancy talked about diving in Mozambique and the reasons people dive.

Martyn Farr talked about the history of cave diving.

Dr. Jules Eden talked about DCS and decompression chambers.

Mark Powell, spoke about the theory behind bubble models.

Mark Ellyatt, General chat about decompression theory and later gave a talk on diving the HMS Victoria off the coast of Lebanon.

Teresa Telus and Mark Pickering gave a talk on the shipwrecks of Shetland and later tips and advice on filming wrecks.

Cameras underwater talked about compact digital cameras.

There was a sneak preview of a new television series called Deep wreck detectives about diving U-boats off Padstow and hospital ships in the Bristol channel.

It was an excellent day, informal and chatty and unlike the dive shows you could concentrate on the talks and not be distracted by the shiny expensive stuff, also there was no need to queue up to chat to any of the speakers.

Definitely worth the trip.


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