26 March 2009

Update - T R Thompson - 29th March 2009

Times for the anniversary dive on TRT are:-
10:45 Meet Newhaven Marina
11:30 Ropes Off

High Tide 13:40.
Dive Depth 34 metres Approx.

I will text Saturday evening to confirm on/off. At the moment Mick said it looks good.



Jimbob said...

Thanks for sorting this Ernie. Good to see everyone and the viz can only get better surely? Thanks Tad for the divernet heads up. I found the article online, very funny.
Thanks again.

Chris-P said...

C'mon Ernie / Tad ...time for a dive report on this duve! As I canned mine after 12mins I'm probably not the guy to do it! I'll do the view from the boat stuff ; super sunny day, blue skies, great views of the seven sisters and the Sussex Coast , almost mirror flat sea, almost perfect! Having left you guys to 'explore' the vis I returned to the surface to meet some old dive buds before being picked-up by Sea Zones! Coffee in the cafe was also another chance to say hello to some other old buds! So there you have it 91st anniversary dive on the TRT with two sets of old buds thrown in on a beautiful afternoon!

Chris-P said...

Oh ...and good to also see Jimbob and his GUE gurus , not least Graham! Nice kit chaps , mine is very last century!