08 March 2009

Nitrox computer

Has anyone got any experience of different nitrox computers. There are several cheap ones on the market, but what are the good buys?


Chris-P said...

Mandy , mines the Suunto Vyper. I have been very pleased with it.

Tad said...

Hi mandy likewise I use vyper and gekko as a back up both from suunto and have always been pleased with them and are very easy to use

Simon-T said...

Another tick for the gekko. Only problem with it is it can't be illuminated so I also have a Mares nemo wide. It can be illuminated for those night and deep UK dives, plus it also adds a deep safety stop, which I like for added peace of mind. Oh, it also has big figures which suit my poor old eyes! I dive with both at the same time and go the most conservative route.

sheilab said...

I have a Gekko and Vyper both give excellent service easy to manage.

Sheila has Aladin Prime which is not easy to manage. It is over complicated.

Matt said...

most of the computers are using only 3 different algorithms and there isn'treally a bad computer anymore just comes down to personal preference.
Any suunto will be a good investment but I think the digital compass is a waste of time and the air intergrated models are just something else to go wrong also if looking at buying any of the D models there very small readouts and are a pain to wear on drysuits as they were designed for warm water diving so you need an extender and also something else to consider more suuntos come in for repair than any other computer.
Oceanic are simple basic and have a lifetime guaranteed with a free battery replacement every year though not as conservative as suunto .
Mares,cressi,apeks,hollis all have good examples all simple to use very basic but if you want to be talk of the boat get a VR3 does every one of the most complex dive computers around.
Oh and I forgot the HUD mask with a computer built into a mask,have a look around and see what you want in a computer.

Oceanic models are all very simple to use not as conservative as the suunto but very good

Mandy said...

Thank you everyone, will get back on the 'net to see what I can get before the Red Sea!