22 March 2009

Serious Fun ! RNLI DVD

Just taken a look at the latest RNLI safety DVD "Serious Fun" , it's well made and jsut as you would expect from the RNLI - it's free!

The DVD has sections on a variety of watersports , including diving. The section on diving includes pictures of 'Swanage Diver' and includes an interview with PADI Course Director Steve Axell who is also a RNLI crew member.

There is always room to take a fresh look at safety and we should all make time to do so regardless of how much diving experience we have. The RNLI is entirely funded by public donations and readily (and too frequently) come to the aid of divers in emergency situations. With this in mind it is sad to recall that some of the most experienced divers I have met have held the attitude that the RNLI is too well funded! An odd view to be sure but may be they have become a little wiser with time! I became an RNLI member when I took up diving and have been a member every year since then.

I would recommend having a look at the DVD, you can find out more about it on :-


Perhaps will find a short slot to show the diving section at a MD meeting on our return from the Red Sea. I hope this little 'promotional' piece helps raise awareness, there are many examples of how the MD blog has slowly , but surely improved the divers 'lot' , so again, let's not forget those who help us!

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