22 March 2009

Meridian Divers Meeting ~ 18th March 2009

Special thanks to Sheila for the MD meeting of the 18th March! It was really good to see the MD Red Sea Diving Trip (April 2009) Team and , of course, to collect our flight tickets ! It all seems that much more close when you have the tickets in your hands!

There are one or two 'liveaboard virgins' in the Team and a number of 'liveaboard veterans' (some with the scars to show from it!) so it was good to see that those with a few 'travel tips' sharing them with those with a few questions! The important thing to remember is that when the big guy at the front bangs the drum we all pull on the oars at the same time...and if we don't, or if someone isn't pulling hard enough, the even bigger guy with the unusual taste in leather accessories reminds us by techniques handed down from one generation of sadists to the next! All very simple really. If the drum stops or if both of the big guys aren't looking just get your dive kit on quickly and get into the water!

The Tony Backhurst boat "Whirlwind" offers nitrox and 15 litre tanks. I can remember back into the mists of time when all users of 15 litre tanks would have been regarded as some kind of abnormal gas-guzzling weirdos to be ridiculed. Of course times haven't changed, except that they have on this boat and with this Team! It looks as though nitrox fills and 15 litre tanks are the individual choice of preference! It's good to see that diving has moved-on to embrace choice.

Well done to Sheila too on allocating all the accommodation in advance and letting everyone know where their cabin is before they set foot aboard the boat. In motor racing the 'Le Mans' start is famous but its not so great a technique for getting a cabin, especially when some of the 'racers' set off before the signal!

Four dives a day are offered but you don't have to do them all if you don't want! It's often argued that a little 'break' from diving during a liveaboard week is a good idea. It's definately a good idea if you are not feeling in top form at any point!

It has been indicated that we will have the opportunity to dive the Rosallie Moller , this is a deep dive famous for its condition & glass fish! There is a rather nice little video from those deep dive guys GUE :-


Whatever route / intinerary we follow I am sure we will have the opportunity of doing some great diving . Looking forward to the photo-share session when we get back too!

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