02 November 2007

Sink One For Seaford ~ Public Meeting (11)

Meridian Divers 'Staff' at the Sink One For Seaford Public Meeting.

The Sink One For Seaford public meeting at Seaford on 2nd November attracted a high number of guests and the presentations from the 'top table' were professional and interesting. After the presentations there was time for questions from the public. There was a balance of those keenly supporting the project and those less convinced that it was exactly what they wanted . Overall there was support for moving towards the next stage, a scoping document. The project now needs to raise the money (total £3-£4k) for the document. Meridian Divers were well represented and were the dive group chosen to assist with the running of the event. Other diving industry people were amongst the audience , including Graham Owen the PADI Regional Manager (who we had the opportunity of chatting with at the last PADI Members Forum).
I was , however, quite surprised that none of the local dive / dive boat businesses raised any questions or voiced public support for the project. Involved ,as we were with running the event, it didn't seem appropriate for Meridian Divers to play the role both of 'staff' and 'guest'. One ex-commercial diver in the audience asked why another wreck was needed when there was no shortage of wrecks in the areas. A fair point ...but... a deliberately sunk wreck would create a huge publicity opportunity for the area and potentially drive regeneration. Of course Seaford is a small town with limited resources whereas the wreck of HMS SCYLLA is near the strategic naval port and city of Plymouth.
Overall a very positive event.

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