17 November 2007

Not So Stoney Cove

I was planning and hoping to write up a great report on the Stoney trip and some superb video footage, but alas it was not to be, but if you want a report on congestion, accidents, pillocks and the cosmopolitan republic of Luton you got it.

As you can gather we didn't get there but not for lack of trying. Having left in the early hours your intrepid duo battled Britain's finest motorways and failed dismally, we got as far as Luton and gave up. Having worked out that travelling 2 miles an hour we would reach the Cove sometime next week.

After discovering the eastern delights of Luton or was it Karachi, via a detour, we headed back south and straight in to another hold up this time at the M11 junction on the M25.

I got to stretch my legs walking up and down the central reservation whilst Mr Pascoe discovered the delights of playing his Cliff Richard collection as loud as possible.

After another detour, due to a driver discovering that his car would not drive on its side, we headed around the North Circular where we ended up in Thurrock, at the Lakeside Diving Centre. We were welcomed with open arms at Lakeside, but your intrepid duo could not face kitting up in the biting wind and rain even though my new camera was screaming out try me try me. Too long sitting in the warm car had seriously dented our enthusiasm

Lakeside definitely looks promising for another day soon with depths ranging from 4-15m and a large selection of Pike Perch Roach and the other usual man made attractions such as sunken taxis boats buses etc. With a well stocked Dive shop and air,nitrox and trimix on tap this is one for the future.

We eventually got back to my house about 4pm and watched a diving film instead of making one. My mind was definitely thinking "what if"

Such is Life


Simon-T said...

Bad luck guys. Sounds like the day off from Hell!

Chris-P said...

Simon ....not bad assessment!