03 November 2007

Diving in the Bahamas

"Annoying the locals!"

Hello all, well Im back after several weeks in the Bahamas, I will get round to popping a full report and some more pictures up here, but I just had to share this one with you.

This picture is for Deborah Mackenzie (Sharp) to say a big thank you...xx

Why is it that it all happens at once ! While I was away I got a call from BDMLR to check on a seal in the local area but was not able to assist I happened to be on a dive boat in the middle of a tropical paradise at the time, Well that was until the tropical storm "Noel" came in and cut it short for diving but I still had a amazing time....so now after all the the ice cream I need to get in UK waters to get the extra pounds off!!!

Here is a little something that I hope amuses you as it did me taking the photo....I think the name of it say's it all.....

Bahamas Star Diver!


Chris-P said...

Welcome back Sara, weeks of holidays in the Bahamas, it's atough life! Hope that you can put together a nice 'report' of your dives for the blog!

Tad said...

I recognise that face and those legs

Diving Diva said...

Stop looking in the mirror Tad...haha...x